What a scam!

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I’ve been doing some research on the Neanderthal race, or sub species, and following links, I ended up on a page of the answersingenesis website. They have quite a few pages of links to articles on Neanderthals so I chose one at random. The article that I chose was a fairly simple story with descriptions of their bodily form and probable habits, including the fact that they buried their dead, and often with flowers or personal bits of property. So far that pretty much follows the commonly accepted view.

Then I came to the end. What follows is the last paragraph of the story:
” None of this is surprising when we consider that they were not primitive evolutionary ‘links’. They were people, forced to live in harsh conditions, after the dispersal of humanity at Babel, during the great post-Flood Ice Age.

What was that? Did I miss something…

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