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  1. We full-minded skeptics find the supernatural and its twin the paranormal, what Paul Kurtz calls ‘ The Transcendental Temptation,” the scams of the ages-emotionally, intellectualy and sometimes monearily!
    Both lack any evidence for being factually meaningful.
    The magnificent skeptic wasn’t a full skeptic due to his fideistic deism.
    Are you a full skeptic or do you exclude the supernatural.
    Kurtz’s book evidences why both don’t command respect!
    Both have much fraud. Science serves humanity whilst these temptations harms them.
    Besides my own articles, I’ll repost here other’s articles.
    Please respond to any or all!
    What do you opine about these two superstitions [Yes, loaded question!]?

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  3. Do you fault empiricism or could you support it with more comments? Empiricism buttresses naturalism, rationalism and skepticism. As God is such a vacuous idea, He perforce lacks any empirical basis as the empirical argument notes.

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