Pseudoskepticism – RationalWiki « Rationalist Griggsy

Pseudoskepticism – RationalWiki « Rationalist Griggsy

viaPseudoskepticism – RationalWiki « Rationalist Griggsy.

viaPseudoskepticism – RationalWiki « Rationalist Griggsy.


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  1. We skeptics have much to do to educate the public to be skeptical! And to know the differences amongst skepticism, denailism and just a feeling.
    People’s feelings, intuitions and hunches sometimes base themselves on facts not immediately aware of by peopleBut they can err!
    People can feel a presence of some entity that is not real, thinking it is the supernatural. I used to feel such a presence but knew better yet f elt threatened anyway. Medicine has dislodged that feeling.
    Any religious experience is just someone’s own mental processes at work, and to imput divine input would beg the question!This disposes quickly what many books have as their topic and like obe’S and NDE’S, people misunderstand what happens.
    Have you had any religious or eeries experiences?
    Have a health skepticism about matters! No, despite Keith Ward and William James’s straw man that one couldn’t get things done, skepticism operates on the need from none to some to much as with politics and health cures and much more with the supernatural and the paranormal, its twin superstition that Paul Kurtz,skeptic, calls ‘ The Transcendental Temptation.,” a must read book!

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